SKYDIVE ALGARVE PORTUGAL offering skydiving and parachuting in the stunning Algarve region of South Portugal. transfers available and equipment supplied.

A selection of jump options are available for experienced skydivers and for the rest of us we suggest the Tandem Jump option:

This is the most popular jump and an ideal first jump to feel the experience in the hands of a professional.
The tandem jump means that you can focus on the thrill without having to think about the technical side of the jump. Strapped to a professional skydiver with hundreds of professional jumps under their belt you can feel secure and safe as we guide you through the process right down to the ground. The equipment used is tailored especially for tandem jumps with a larger sized parachute.

Secured to your jump partner by a harness you will experience the adrenaline of freefall as we jump from the aircraft and the stunning scenery of the Algarve lays itself out before you. You will reach terminal velocity at approx 195kmph prior to the instructor deploying your chute where by you can take more time to enjoy the view as you drift gently down to earth at the designated landing area.
DVD and photos are available on the day at extra cost. These experiences do have some restrictions so please contact us for more details.




3...2...1... See you on the ground!!